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Who We Are

Studio3 is a full-service Creative Digital Agency with ability to handle every aspect of your advertising, marketing and branding needs.

We’re changing the way people think of creation.

About Us

Studio3 / MPS advertising agency is a full-service creative agency with the ability to handle every aspect of your advertising, marketing and branding needs.

One thing that isn’t small is the range of services we offer. From creative concepts to campaign execution, our services cover all aspects of inbound and outbound marketing strategy. Our programs are fully integrated website, advertising, video, e-mail, SEO and social media programs working together seamlessly to reach your target customers precisely at their moments of need. One of the biggest benefits of a small agency is the strong bond we develop with our clients. We do the due diligence to understand your business and industry before we craft our strategy or creative, and every member of our team enjoys getting to know our clients personally.

Services include:

? Logo Design and Branding
? Advertising Campaign Development
? Web Site Design
? Mobile App Development
? Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)
? Social Media Content Creation and Management Services
? E-mail Marketing Services
? 2 Animation videos
? Marketing Collateral Design and Production
? Production and Logistics
? Corporate Gift Supply
? Printing and Installation
? Exhibition stand kiosk design


We believe that people are essential.

Let’s Collaborate

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